Wednesday 1 February 2012

Best Security Blogs

[Updated 26/10/12]

Below is a list of my favorite security blogs:

Security researcher blogs:


Krzysztof Kotowicz


Debasish Mandal's Blog

Security company blogs:

Rapid7 (Metasploit)



And although not strictly a blog, the Register does do a great job of summarising the days security news: 

If you guys have any suggestions feel free to include them in a comment below.

Peace out. 

Yet another security blog...

Hi All,

Welcome to yet another IT security blog.

I've been involved with IT for a number of years but I'm relatively new to the field of IT security.

I'm planning to use this blog as a bit of a cheat sheet and information repository. Hopefully this will provide you guys with some useful info and who knows maybe even a few laughs.

Peace out.